What intrigue lies around the next technological corner? Can you uncover the mystery of the missing persons without overwhelming the system?

FlagHunter_x64 is a short story narrative/hacker puzzle game that takes place inside a missing investigators computer. You are tasked with breaking in and discovering what happened to this missing officer. Be careful, too many failed hacking attempts will crash the computer!

This is a game jam game made for PIGSquads Summer Slow Jams August 2019. It was made in about 2.5 weeks.

Controls & How to Play


  • Point and click around on the screen

Team members

  • Brian Cain: Programming and Art
  • Casey Frantum: Sound, Music, Story
  • Will Lewis: Voice Over

Notice: Many of the icons and dialog windows used in this game are directly from Microsofts Windows 95 and 98. We claim no ownership to these assets.


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Cool gameplay! Love the ol' Windows hacking vibe.

Thanks for playing!!