A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Holy Samhain! Someone has opened a portal to the Netherworld and your third eye is the only thing to stop it. Vanquish demons and while avoiding obstacles in this occult pinball game. 

Controls & How to Play

On the title screen, press any button to continue!


  • Space: Launch pinball
  • Left and Right Ctrl: Moving left and right flippers
  • Left Shift: Move both flippers

PS4 Controller:

  • O: Launch Pinball
  • L1 and R1: Left and Right flippers

Team members

  • Brian Cain: Programming
  • Casey Frantum: Sound and Music
  • Corwn Nathaniel Prichard: Art
  • Marlowe Dobbe: Art and Physical Enclosure


graveyard3dpinball-beta1-linux.zip 35 MB
graveyard3dpinball-beta1-windows.zip 34 MB
graveyard3dpinball-beta1-macos.app.zip 50 MB

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