My Inner Demon

Help a small-town exorcist navigate the ghost gig economy as she and her inner demon rid Wistful Willows of its ghoul problem. Just a few more exorcisms and Kip can finally take a vacation!

This game was made for Global Game Jam 2022 in collaboration with the PIGSquad jam site! It was made over the course of about a week during the jam. Jam theme: Duality.


Up - Up Arrow / W
Down - Down Arrow / S
Left - Left Arrow / A
Right - Right Arrow / D
A - Alt / Z / J
B - Ctrl / K / X
Start - Enter
Select - Shift

Game Team Credits

Brian Cain
Game Programming, Design, QA
Merlin BennethDesign, Art, Animation

Cory Buckley
World building, Story Writing, Design, Art

Anya Bogorad
Writing, Editing, QA
IG: @abogmonster
Casey Frantum
Music and Audio

Mark Nerys
Art, Backgrounds Design


Download 58 kB


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This is a really nice little game! I look forward to seeing some more