A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You wake up in your bedroom...but things feel....different? Everything looks pixelated.

Explore a world inside your purple GameBoy color and find a way to get back home!

About PocketQuest

PocketQuest is a game jam game made with PIGSquad for Summer Slow Jams 3, 2018! It was originally developed in a week time span. It's theme is bootleg parody, and takes its inspiration from games like Pokemon and Dragon Warrior Monsters.

Its members include:

  • Brian Cain: Programming
  • Casey Frantum: Music and Sound Effects
  • Cory Buckley: Art
  • Will Lewis: Art

How To Play

  • Movement: Arrow keys
  • Action: Z, Enter
  • Cancel: X, Esc
  • Menu: X, Esc
  • Dash/Sprint: Shift

Install instructions

Unzip the compressed archive for your given operating system. You should then have to go into a src directory. Within there, there will be an executable called Game. You should be able to just open and run that from there and start the game!


PocketQuest_Windows_v1.1.zip 124 MB
PocketQuest_macOS_v1.1.zip 259 MB
PocketQuest_Linux_v1.1.zip 133 MB

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